gabriela m


born in portugal 1992. based in berlin.


There are moments in which dreamlike images take place in real landscapes before our eyes. All of a sudden, that place we had seen many times before becomes the setting of our fantasies, dreams, memories. It may be a particular light, an extremely light-blue sky, a smell, someone passing by mysteriously, a skirt left on the ground. An element which appears not to belong there, so subtle, yet it transforms this ordinary place into a fantastic landscape. It brings us away for a moment, a few seconds. That is, most of the times, the moment I take my camera and shoot, so this place I inhabit inside comes to light. 

It is the subjectivity of sight that fascinates me most. I like to observe how we humans relate to photographs, from all sides: viewers, makers, subjects-objects. Why are we so obsessed with photographic images? What impulses us to take a photograph? How do we react to pictures, be them brutal or glamorous? Why, at all, do we take pictures or look at them? 

My most recurrent subject is the relationship and interaction between humans and plants, urban and organic shapes. The dichotomies natural/artificial and reality/fiction are a constant in my search. 

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